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1. Do you know where ... ?

a.  was Shakespeare born                c.   Shakespeare has been born

b. has Shakespeare been born          d.   Shakespeare was born


2. Helen worked ....

a. hard yesterday at school              c. hard at school yesterday

b. yesterday hard at school              d. at school yesterday hard


3. They didn't know at that time that she ... opera so much.

a.   liked                                                c. likes

b. is liking                                            d. was liking


4. I am absolutely sure that ... saw the accident.

a.   anyone                                            c. every

b. none                                                 d. someone


5. My daughter graduated from college ....

a. when she was eighteen                  c. when she had eighteen years

b. at the age of eighteen years        d. when was eighteen years old


6. I realized they were ... lies to me.

a.   saying                                             c. speaking

b. making up                                     d. telling


7. If you hurry, you might get there ... to catch the plane.

a. on time                                            c. before time

b   at time                                              d. in time


8. The detective provided me with ... important information.

a. another                                              c. an

b. a lot of                                              d. a


9. The Romans constructed a lot of roads ... are still seen today.

a.   some of which                              c. of which ones

b. all of them                                       d. most of those


10. Will the plane have arrived ... five o'clock?

a.   until                                                  c. since

b. by                                                     d. about


11. There are only two rooms in that small cottage, ... serves as a kitchen

a.   the larger of them                         c. the largest

b. the largest of those                         d. the larger of which


12. This impressive ... tower was erected by the Normans.

a.   ten-century-old                              c. tenth-century-old

b. ten-centuries-old                            d. ten-century's-old


13. If she ..., she wouldn't be lying in bed now.

a.   would have listened                     c. listened to me

b.   listens to me                                  d. had listened to me


14. ... hand luggage must be placed under your seats.

a.   Each                                                c. Every

b. All                                                      d. A


15. I don't know why I ... such silly mistakes!

a.   always do                                       c. always am making

b.   am always making                       d. always have made



16. One of ... days I am going to pay them a visit.

a.   the                                                    c. our

b. those                                                d. these


17. My sister was having breakfast when the telephone ....

a. ringing                                               c. was ringing

b. rang                                                   d. has rung


18. ... we hurried, the shop was closed when we got there.

a.   Despite                                           c. Although

b.   Even                                               d. However


19. Last month my brother earned ... I did.

a.   twice as much as                           c. twice more than

b. twice more as                                  d. twice as


20. You ... listen to me while I'm talking to you!

a. can                                                    c. need

b. might                                                d. may


21. "Oh, no! I've lost my driving license!" "You ... it in your office."

a.   left                                                    c. leave

b. are leaving                                       d. must have left


22. "This wardrobe is so heavy! I can't move it." "... I give you a helping hand?"

a. Will                                                    c. Can

b.   Shall                                                d. Must


23. If you ... meet her, tell her to ring me up.

a.   should                                             c. shall

b. can                                                    d. might


24. You can't leave on such ... weather!

a.   a                                                      c. an

b.   -                                                       d. the


25. In my opinion, his situation is similar ... mine.

a.   with                                                  c. to

b. like                                                   d. as


26. It's high time she ... the truth.

a.   knows                                              c. should know

b. know                                                 d. knew


28.   ... opening the door I saw a stranger in the yard.

a.   On                                                    c. At

b. While                                                d. In


29. I ... you to swim beyond the buoy!

a.  will                                                   c. dare

b. let                                                     d. wish


30. We ... better postpone the match.

a.   should                                             c. would

b. had                                                    d. might


31. I can't get used ... to like that.

a. to talk                                              c. to talking

b. to be talked                                    d. to being talked



32. We would go for a walk if ... .

a. the storm were not                        c. it would not be for the storm

b. it was not the storm                       d. it weren't for the storm


33. "Why are you carrying an umbrella in such weather? " "I'm carrying it in case ... ."

a.   it rains                                             c. it rained

b. it will rain                                         d. of the rain


34. ... the traffic lights before you cross!

a. Consider                                          c. Mind

b. Watch                                              d. Look


35. I will go fishing with you tomorrow if I ... free.

a.   am                                                    c. were

b.   shall be                                           d. am going


36. "Are you still at work?"

"Yes, I ... here since 8 o'clock."

a. am                                                     c. was

b. have been                                        d. had been


37. She suggested that they ... leave at once.

a.   must                                                 c. might

b. could                                                d. should


38. This book is worth ....

a.   reading                                            c. to be read

b. to be reading                                  d. being read


39. He ... the train because he left home very early.

a. mustn't have missed                      c. can't have missed

b. wouldn't have missed                    d. needn't have missed


40. The children picked a lot of flowers and ....

a.   so have I                                        c. I did also

b. so do I                                              d. so did I


41. ... his wife, he enjoys cooking.

a.   Not like                                            c. Not alike

b.   Unlike                                             d. Not as


42. When they saw her funny hat, they couldn't help ....

a.   to smile                                            c. smiling

b. smile                                                d. not to smile


43. We would rather ... TV than go to the cinema.

a.   be watching                                   c. to watch

b.   watch                                               d. we would watch


44. Sometimes, competitions bring out the ... in the participants.

a.   bad                                                   c. worse

b. badly                                               d. worst


45. It was not until she opened the safe ... understood she had been robbed.

a.   and she                                           c. when she

b.   that she                                          d. she




46.   Frankly speaking, I ... you are wrong this time.

a.   am thinking                                   c. think

b.  believe                                             d. assure


47. Alfred has not arrived yet; he ... the bus.

a.   must have missed                         c. would have missed

b. can have missed                             d. should have missed


48. "Has any answer from the Ministry arrived?" "Not yet, but it's ... to come in one or two days."

a.   likely                                                c. probably

b. surely                                                d. certainly


49. You will have lunch after you ... your hands.

a.   wash                                               c. will wash

b. washed                                             d. have washed


50 ... me to post that letter.

a. Make                                                c. Remind

b. Remember                                      d. Mention


51 ... everybody here, I would like to thank our special guest for his impressive speech.

a.   In addition to                                 c. Together with

b. On behalf of                                   d. According to


52. When we got to the chalet eventually, it ... for three hours.

a.   was raining                                    c. has been raining

b. had been raining                            d. must be raining


53. "Did Alex repair the gate himself?" "No, he ... ."

a.   repaired it                                      c. had repaired it

b. has repaired it                                d. had it repaired


54. If only he ... eat so noisily!

a. won't                                                c. didn't

b. shan't                                              d. doesn't


55. This time tomorrow our friends ... to Egypt.

a.   will be travelling                            c. will travel

b. would travel                                    d. will have travelled


56. That evening my sister ... her homework by the time I got home.

a. finished                                           c. has finished

b. was finishing                                  d. had finished


57. The doctor insisted that the patient ... the medicine twice a day.

a.   would take                                     c. should take

b. must take                                        d. could take


58. By the end of the term, we ... a lot of new words.

a.   will learn                                          c. will be learning

b.   will have learned                          d. are learning


59. I like this job ... it is badly paid.

a. however                                           c. as though

b. even though                                    d. despite


60. She would have caught the train if she ... a taxi.

a.   took                                                c. would have taken

b. would take                                       d. had taken



61.   The cake is not ready yet; it ... .

a.   is just cooked                                 c. will just be cooked

b.   is just being cooked                      d. has just been cooked


62. The higher the prices, ... the things we can afford to buy.

a.   less                                                  c. the fewer

b.   fewer                                                d. the less


63. Hardly ... the room when the telephone rang.

a.   I had entered                               c. I entered

b. have I entered                               d. had I entered


64. A good mechanic must know ... a car.

a.   to repair                                       c repair

b.   how to repair                               d. repairing


65. They did their best to prevent him from ... the bad news.

a. learn                                                 c. learning

b. to learn                                            d. to have learned


66. I have found a wallet. I wonder ... it is.

a. whose                                              c. who's

b. of whose                                         d. of whom


67. ... your brother drives more carefully, he will have an accident.

a.   Unless                                            c. If

b. Even if                                             d. Although


68. I'd rather read a book ... go to the cinema today.

a.   then                                                  c. than

b. instead of                                        d. except


69. I am three years older than you, ... ?

a.   isn't it                                              c. aren't I

b. am I                                                  d. is it


70. My sister doesn't drive, and her husband doesn't drive ....

a.   also                                                c. neither

b. either                                                 d. too


71. She can say ... she likes, but nothing can change their verdict.

a. what                                                 c. that

b. whichever                                        d. whatever


72. After this event, it's ... her to decide what to do next.

a.   with                                                  c. of

b. for                                                    d. on


73. My cousin spends most of her money ... buying clothes.

a.   with                                                  c. on

b. in                                                       d. at


74. It's no use ... to her because she never listens.

a. talk                                                   c. to talk

b.   talked                                              d. talking


75. "Shall I bring you a cup of coffee? " "Would you mind ... me a cup of tea? "

a. bring                                                 c. brought

b. to bring                                             d. bringing



76. "I'm so hungry!" "Sorry, there's hardly ... food left."

a.   much                                              c. any

b. a lot                                                   d. some


77. Under the circumstances there is nothing he can do ... wait.

a. but                                                     c. until

b. or                                                      d. and


78. "How do you manage to catch the first train in the morning?" "I am used ... very early."

a. to get up                                          c. getting up

b. to be getting up                              d. to getting up


79. "Where is your mother now?" "She ... be cooking at the moment."

a. can                                                   c. has to

b. must                                                 d. had to


80. ... can make mistakes; no one is perfect.

a.   Someone                                        c. Everyone

b.   Anyone                                           d. Each



II. In about 100 words (10 lines), tell us about your motivation for taking up this English course, the hopes and expectations you have related to it and last, but not least, make a note of the reasons why you think that learning a foreign language is so important nowadays to people in general and to you in particular.

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